Month: May 2018

Megan McLellan – Acadiana Regional Airport’s New Executive Director

Megan McLellan

Megan McLellan – Acadiana Regional Airport’s New Executive Director

IBERIA PARISH, LA. – MAY, 2018: The Iberia Parish Airport Authority and Iberia Industrial Development Foundation (IDF) are pleased to announce and welcome Megan McLellan as the Acadiana Regional Airport’s New Executive Director. Ms. McLellan will be responsible for the management and daily activities of both Iberia Parish Airport Au-thority’s two airports under its auspices, Acadiana Regional Airport (ARA), and LeMaire Memorial Airport.

Ms. McLellan joins the Iberia Parish Airport Authority from the Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division where she worked with General Aviation airports on strategic planning and development as Airport Planner. McLellan previously represented the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s Aviation Division, serving as the Authority’s State Aviation Program Manager in which she assisted IPAA with planning, funding, and development of airport capital improvements. McLellan also served on the executive management team for Chennault International Airport (Lake Charles, LA) holding the positions of Director of Planning, Marketing, and Development and Chennault International Airshow Director.

Mike Tarantino, president and CEO of the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation, has served as Interim Airport Director since Jason Devillier’s departure this past July, said the Authority’s decision to select Ms. McLellan was welcomed news for Iberia Parish. “This is exciting news! McLellan is a well-respected airport professional and I am confident she will continue all of the progress the ARA has made in these last several years.”

Mr. Tarantino continued, “We also want to welcome Ms. McLellan to the IDF Board Of Directors. The Airport Director has a permanent, public seat on our 21-member board, and we all look forward to our continued marketing and business development partnership with the ARA.”
McLellan’s diverse aviation experience includes airport operations, safety, and security; planning and development; marketing; economic development; project management; and project funding. Her education, experience, and familiarization with the Iberia Parish Airport Authority provide a seamless transition in the planning, directing, and operating of Acadiana Regional Airport and LeMaire Memorial Airport.

A native of Leesville Louisiana, McLellan comes to the ARA holding a Bachelor’s in Aviation Management from The University of Louisiana at Monroe, as well as a Master of Business Administration in Aviation with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (achieved with a 4.0 GPA) and has held positions at three Part 139 Certified Airports. In addition, the majority of her airport experience is specific to General Aviation, which makes her an ideal candidate for ARA.

“I am excited to join the Iberia Parish Airport Authority and Iberia Parish Government team. The Iberia Parish Airport Authority has a great reputation, and as Executive Director, I look forward to collaborating with the Authority to continue the momentum of Acadiana Regional Airport as the go-to general aviation airport in the Gulf Coast region”, Ms. McLellan said.

“On behalf of all airport commissioners and myself, I am very happy and excited to have Megan join the Iberia Parish Government & Iberia Parish Airport Authority team”, said Iberia Parish Airport Authority Chairman, Pat Norris of Norris International, LLC. “She brings a vast amount of aviation experience to the team, and we look forward to working with her, supporting her, and growing this airport. It’s a win-win for all parties involved, including the Acadiana region as a whole.”

“After talking to Megan, I feel that the Iberia Parish Airport Authority is in good hands. The education, experience and knowledge Megan is bringing to the Acadiana Regional Airport is extremely important for its growth and development”, says Parish President M. Larry Richard. “I look forward to working together with Megan, utilizing her experience and knowledge on many projects in the future and moving Acadiana Regional Airport forward.”